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Mikes salmon flies 05 – butcher built wing

Number 5 in the Mikes salmon flies series. The built wing of the “Butcher”.

I have placed one red breast feather and tippet back to back and moistened like the ranger wing. next step – marry up 3 small bundles, you notice I keep the rachis on. you’ll find this a god sent when working duck, G.P tail and powder macaw. next I stack one on top of another. preferably one pointing down the way ,one pointing up the way and one through the middle giving a fan effect.


Here I have tied on both bundles individual, you have a chance now to pull and shift them into position. When you are happy you can varnish the tying in point.


As you can see I have kept the rachis on again and capped my wing with mallard.


I have doubled up my king fisher again, positioned horns on and varnish my tying in point.


Trim back your waste carefully. A drop of varnish on the waste ends. Now you can bind it down.