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Mikes salmon flies 06 – Rogans Fancy

The 6th and last instalment of the Mikes salmon flies series. The Rogan’s Fancy. It´s really a beauty and fishes exceptionally well according to Mike.

Here is Rogan’s technique of a mixed wing. You are going to have to give your self plenty of head room for this one. As you can see I have the body hackle run up. I also have two buddle’s of my under wing on.


Cut out 6 small sections in pairs. this is going to be your under wing. place all the materials back to back, so you have one bundle.


This is how I prep my Jay hackle, I flatten my rachis out with a pair of pliers. Then you will notice there will be a brown and white divide. I cut along the brown edge with a pair of sharp scissors. then place the hackle in a warm glass of water. This should soften up the pith and you can scrap out the pith with a needle point. You should be left with a U shape T. Now you can either with a scalpel or scissors trim up the rest of the rachis. As shown in the photograph this is not easy.


I have varnished the tying in point of my underwing. I have trimmed back all waste as neat as I can, I have now wrapped my j hackle around the waste butts. I have now placed on my left and right hand wings I have aloud them to slip down the side. I have now varnished once again and trimmed up my waste.


As you can see I have now trimmed up my waste butts. I have varnished like the last set of wings. I have now wrapped a red GP hackle around the waste butts. I have also combed out the wings now.


I have now placed on a heavy mallard roof. I have put on both sides at the same time. Once you are happy varnish in tying in point and trim neatly once again.


Here is a shot with the roof being combed out. You can play with this technique and get different combinations when you comb them out. Several combings of the wing can make a nice blended wing.


The last horns are now on. You can now varnish and finish of your head.