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Hammock comparison

Hammock camping has gained more and popularity in the last years, not only amongst backpackers and hikers. Pretty much everybody from the aforementioned hikers to those travelling on two or more wheels to get closer to nature and the amazing views and experiences only camping n the woods can provide. It just makes sense to get off the ground and sleep hanging between the trees. The benefits are many, some are very factual – others are more based on feelings and the experience involved. Looking at the stars while being soothed in a slightly swinging hammock generally results in a very comfortable and refreshing sleep.

There are several hammock concepts on the marked – two of which we endorse and use ourselves. There is no better than these two systems we believe. Your mileage may vary of course – but hey – it´s all a matter of taste an personal preference but some facts need considering when choosing an overnight full metal jacket camping hammock.

The focus of this article is on hammock systems which are meant for staying overnight and are geared to be used pretty much all year round. Please do not read this with a casual “hangmat” in mind. For this “day” use you find all sorts of hammocks starting at a few “bucks”. The only requirement for those is to support your weight.

A “proper” over night 3 to 4 season hammock and/or tent needs to be sturdy, reliable, waterproof and offer good isolation against the cold. It needs to keep the bugs off too, of course. Many find that one needs to have the ability to change the sleeping position. Being locked up in one specific “hang” isn´t everybody’s cup of tea (or banana shake for that matter).

just take two baby ….

there are two systems on the marked we like to talk about. The Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock and the Amok Draumr 3.0. We import the Lawson and sell it through our shop, whereas the Draumr is sold by AMOK  directly to the end users. By using the voucher code AMOKZULLICH you can get a 10% at the AMOK webshop.

The Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock is a very easy to use hammock which is also doubles as a ground tent. Bug net and rainfly are incorporated into the design. The construction of the Lawson allows for sleeping sideways, on your back and on your stomach.

The Lawson Hammock is n improved bar end hammock (as opposed to a gathered end hammock). This type of construction rasults in a pretty spacious Hammock with a lot of rom inside. The body is not clamped in the hammock. Lying in it feels more like sleeping a proper bed.

Insulation agains the cold is achieved by using an underquilt on the underside  inside. The Lawson Blue Ridge Kit is available in our shop.


The DRAUMR hammock is a a ratter unusual concept and does not exactly follow the “hammock” idea in the classical sense. Thinking ut of the box is nice and can result in brilliant products like the Draum 3.0. The Draumr is a bit more complicated to set up as it has more parts to it. For A proper setup you need the Draumr 3.0 hammock, the tarp and a good inflatable sleeping pad. This set costs around 4.500 kr.

As you can see on the picture, the body orientation is 90 degrees to the hanging points. The problem of having surface, say bed to sleep on is solved by inserting an inflatable mat into the construction. The benefit is that one can use modern sleeping pads with fibre or down insulation. The drawback is that if the pad should loose air, the system does not work at all any more So if you are one of those people puncturing inflatable things like pads and tyres often, this is not for you maybe. Inflating the pad ads to the setup time too.


To booth  you´d need to add the cost of a good sleeping bag which I´d budget with at least 2.500 kr.

Both hammocks run pretty much head to head. The main difference i setup time. Everything else is personal preference and taste. Both are of top notch manufacturing quality, which reflects in the price.

Of course there are cheaper systems out there, but you as so often in life – you get what you pay for. In the case of an outdoor sleeping systems the worst you pay is a cold and miserable nights sleep and in worst case the end of your holiday due to the cold you got.


There is no clear winner really. Both are head to head in terms of manufacturing quality. They score similar in points and you should try both – heck maybe even own both. One thing is clear – these type of “proper” camping hammocks win over tents any time … as both can be used as a warm and comfy chair for the morning coffee. You just need to find someone to serve the breakfast 😉

We at do believe in customer service and our goal is to provide you the best gear around so you can relax and be sure you have good and tested equipment at your disposal. We try and test everything intensively and only sell things we approve for own use.