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the nymph box project – part 1

Winter has arrived. It started snowing.  For me that is a clear sign to get going with fly tying. That´s my way to adjust to the cold & dark season. sure, winter has it´s good sides and days, but just the transition is very hard as I feel I have not have had enough time to flyfish, even though I did it all summer. Still, it was not enough.

Anyway – my way out of my winter depression is to rethink all my flyboxes. Part 1 one is new small box I plan to fill with small nymphs in sizes 18 to 12. It´ll be a total of 96 flies in that tiny thing. One side with mayfly nymphs, the other with caddis & freshwater shrimp. The hooks I´m using are mostly Partridge CZ barbless. They are very strong and have a large eye, which I like.

Weighting is done with Flymen tungsten nympheads and I will be using quite a bit of the Virtual Nymph Flexibody I was given by Dale, the owner of VN. Brilliant stuff. Dubbing is “peacock” dubbing I got from Jan Siman. For some flies I use seals fur as well.

I´m going for scruffy as well as clean. However, the pic´s make the flies appear more scruffy than they are.