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simple mayfly nymph

Here´s a little video on how to tie a simple mayfly nymph. The pattern is rather “generic”. Feel free to alter colours etc. ad lib.

Materials needed:

  • CZ grub style or straight nymph hook – I prefer hooks with “big” eyes, as mine are getting bad. Hook size 20 to 12 approximately.
  • Dyneema thread. I strongly advise this type of thread as anything else may be to weak and break easily. I avoid using glue. I hate the smell, and I believe the fish hate the smelle too. I try to solve all problems “mechanically”, like fixing the bead head for example. This requires a heavy handed tying.
  • A feather for the tail. Grey mallard works well as many other game bird feathers.
  • “Flexibody” by Virtual Nymph products. In preparation you need to cut a 2 to 3mm wide strip off the card.
  • A bead-head. I used the fancy ones by Flymen Fishing Company called NympHead. The eyes look cute on them.
  • Dubbing – I recently acquired a kit of dubbing from Jan Siman (Czechia) He has very interesting stuff for nymphs.
  • As for weight – I like the weight of this version. Should I need to fish deeper than the fly sinks I rather use a lead split-shot on the leader.