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The Underquilt

It couldn’t be simpler, yet more effective. The Lawson quilt is a multi-layered textile filled with super hi tech microfibre. I could not wait to test it.

We had a lot of snow lately and the tops were around -5 to -10 at night. I had very nice sunshine during the day while I walked to a nice spot I know right by a lake.

The pitching of the hammock went quick as ever and attaching the quilt to it is a breeze. Just attach it to the bars of the Lawson Blue Ridge hammock. I tested the hammock without a sleeping bag frist to see what difference the quilt makes. And what a difference it made. The microfibre filling is super effective. It could immediately feel it reflecting my body heat.

During the afternoon the air got more humid and the wind started blowing. Not problem at all. I stayed cozy in warm.

The quilt packs relatively small and is pretty light. The whole set with hammock, quilt and rope weighs around 2,4 kg / 5pounds, which for a backpacker is on the little heavier side, but it is worth the effort to carry this extra weight. However, winter touring is often with skis or snowshoes and a pulk, a little sled for the carriage which is pulled. Using a lawson hammock with a quilt certainly makes camping in winter much more comfortable and easy.

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