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The Underquilt

It couldn’t be simpler, yet more effective. The Lawson quilt is a multi-layered textile filled with super hi tech microfibre. I could not wait to test it.

We had a lot of snow lately and the tops were around -5 to -10 at night. I had very nice sunshine during the day while I walked to a nice spot I know right by a lake.

The pitching of the hammock went quick as ever and attaching the quilt to it is a breeze. Just attach it to the bars of the Lawson Blue Ridge hammock. I tested the hammock without a sleeping bag frist to see what difference the quilt makes. And what a difference it made. The microfibre filling is super effective. It could immediately feel it reflecting my body heat.

During the afternoon the air got more humid and the wind started blowing. Not problem at all. I stayed cozy in warm.

The quilt packs relatively small and is pretty light. The whole set with hammock, quilt and rope weighs around 2,4 kg / 5pounds, which for a backpacker is on the little heavier side, but it is worth the effort to carry this extra weight. However, winter touring is often with skis or snowshoes and a pulk, a little sled for the carriage which is pulled. Using a lawson hammock with a quilt certainly makes camping in winter much more comfortable and easy.

get the hammock and the quilt in our webshop here:

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Invitation to kick off the fly fishing season on the Otava river in Sušice, Czechia

Pozvánka na zahájení muškařské sezóny na Otavě v Sušici

Fly Fishing Šumava invites you to start the fly fishing season on the Otava river on  20th – 22nd April 2018.

Accommodation is provided at Fuferna Hotel, The hotel is located near Otava in Sušice. Accommodation in 2-4 bedded rooms, capacity of the hotel is 24 beds.


Friday: accommodation from 16:00, fishing on Otava, dinner at about 19 o’clock (choice of 3 meals), after dinner dinner, fly, chat, beer, etc.

Saturday: 9-13 pm Fly tying  with videoprojection in the cafeteria of the dry-house cinema (guest is a great Norwegian tyer Thomas Züllich), fishing in Otava, testing of Maxia and TFO Drift bars, evening rafting, fly bindings, free entertainment (eg swimming in the pool about 100 m from the hotel)

Sunday: after breakfast end of accommodation, fishing in Otava, departure

Price approximately 990 CZK. In the price of 2x accommodation and 2x half board, start of Friday dinner, end of Sunday breakfast.

Otava trout farms (with the exception of Otava 6) are subject to full-length or nationwide trout licenses, and allowances can be bought in the Bublik glasshouse. The allowance for private trout trophy district Otava 6 can be purchased online at the Klatovský rybářství website.

If you are interested in attending, fill in the registration form.

If you have any questions, please contact Jan Šiman –

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Hammock testing Steinbruvannet vel overstått

Hammock testing Steinbruvannet close in Oslo Groruddalen on october 14. 2017.

Det var en fantastisk solrik dag, og vi hadde mye moro. Noen av de besøkende kom fordi de hadde hørt om det på facebook, men også tilfeldig passerende ble nysgjerrige og kom bort for å se nærmere på hengekøyene. Dagens ord var “fantastisk” – dette var alles kommentar da de hadde lagt seg i hengekøyene vi hadde hengt opp. Telt er en ting fra fortiden, og moderne hengekøyer som Lawson Blue Ridge og Amok Draumr er veien å gå.

Vi har salg på begge akkurat nå – benytt muligheten til å skaffe deg en (eller begge) for den spesialprisen vi tilbyr i hele oktober. Bare ring oss på +47 97123033 for å arrangere en demonstrasjon hvis du gikk glipp av arrangementet 14. oktober.


It was a wonderful sunny day and we had a lot of fun. Some of the visitors came because they had heard about it on facebook, but other hikers & strollers got interested too … word of the day was “fantastic” – this was everybody’s comment when test-lying in the hammocks we had on “display”. Tents are a thing of the past and modern hammocks like the Lawson Blue Ridge and the Amok Draumr are the way to go.

We have a sale on both right now – make sure to get one (or both) for the special price we offer throughout October. Just give us a call on +47 97123033 to arrange a demonstration should you have missed the event on October 14.

you find our webshop here –

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Hammock Testing at Steinbruvannet

Hi, I´d like to announce an even on October 14. – please mark your calendars, share and even more important – come. 🙂

You will have the chance to try the most advanced “pro” camping hammocks on the marked in real live conditions.

Hammock camping has gained more and popularity in the last years, not only amongst backpackers and hikers. Pretty much everybody from the aforementioned hikers to those travelling on two or more wheels to get closer to nature and the amazing views and experiences only camping in the woods can provide. It just make sense to get off the ground and sleep hanging between the trees. The benefits are many, some are very factual – others are more based on feelings and the experience involved. Looking at the stars while being soothed in a slightly swinging hammock generally results in a very comfortable and refreshing sleep.

There are several hammock concepts on the marked of we´ll show the best tow – the Lawson Blue ridge Hammock and the Amok Draumr 3.0. Both Sytems will be on display and you have the chance to try them both. The event is meant to be very informal and casual. We´ll light a campfire, cook coffee, maybe fish a little bit and have definitly have a good time.

Here´s the link to the Facebook event:


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Kvåstunet blitt Lawson Hammock forhandler

Vi ønsker Kvåstunet velkommen som Lawson Hammock forhandler …

Kvåstunet AS
4588 Kvås
Tlf: 95 33 75 65

Kvåstunet er en utpreget friluftsplass, hvor det sammen med det flotte tunet tas i bruk naturen rundt tunet.
Tunet inneholder bl.a. fotballbaner, volleyball, basket, gymsal og flere andre aktiviteter for både store og små. Bademuligheter i Lygnaelva som renner like ved tunet. Denne er også kjent for et rikholdig lakseliv. Utenom Lygna er toppene rundt tunet fulle av små og store vann for både bading og fisking.

Har du glemt noe utstyr for turen?
Butikken på tunet hjelper deg med klær, sko og ellers det du skulle trenge av friluftsutstyr. Området rundt tunet har flotte turområder som kan gjøres til fots eller på sykkel. Tunet leier ut sykler, kanoer eller kajakker for de som ønsker å utforske heiene til veis eller vanns.

Besøk flotte websiden til Kvåstunet her –

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Late summer trip in Norway

The summer is coming to end here in Norway and the fall season started with a bang. We went for a weekends fishing trip to a lake in Østfold. The lake was very nice and so was the weather. The conditions were fantastic and we managed to trick a few fish to our flies. Not as many as we´d liked, but it was good enough for a healthy breakfast.

Konstanse went for mushrooms and quickly filled her basket.



Sunday morning was picture perfect so we used this opportunity to take a few pics of the new love – the Lawson Hammock. We heard from many that they are afraid to fall out of a hammock or even have experienced this with standard hammocks, we (as in me and myself) decided that Konstanse should try to turn the hammock upside down.

See for yourself what happened. Here´s a short video clip on how to roll back and even sleep on your side.


You find the Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock and the LightSaver by PowerFilmSolar in our shop.


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Lawson hammock tenting on Sommarøy

Maybe that was the furthest north such a tent has come so far? 69°38’5″N, 18°0’46″E – I used the Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock during my last 6 week travel in northern Norway and Sweden. Simply fantastic. It normally is hung between trees. However, some places did not have trees like this spot on Sommarøya (summer island) north of Tromsø. Not a problem. I used it like a normal tent than. – Check for more information and ordering. #motorcycle#motorcycles #bikelife #instabike#motorbike #photooftheday#instamotogallery #bmw #bmwmotorrad#norway #scandinavia #freedom #nofilter#travel #traveling #GSA #GSAdventure#makelifearide