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leaving ze house – sexyloops weekly blog

or Canon & GoPro

I finally jumped over my own shadow – and wallet – and invested a substantial amount in photo-gear.  So far I worked with a minimalist setup … big word – I used a small camera or later my iPhone for pretty much everything I did. I would say I got pretty far.

I had inspiration moment when I watched my daughter develop her photographic skills. That did build up my confidence that I would be able to make sense of more advanced gear myself.

So I got myself a Canon EOS 700D, several lenses including a 100mm macro lense. Plus two Go-Pro Heros (a 4 and a 5).  The plan is to produce a fly tying video tutorial which works together with the articles of the flytyingschool . I also gained some basic knowledge to edit film with Adobe Premiere.  Anyway – there are a few things to look forward to in the beginning of 2017. I will try to be quick enough to have the movie ready in march so it can be launched at the Danish Fly Festival.

It is winter and it is dark … which has it´s very own charm. I am tying flies at night …. and work on the above mentioned — here´s a small nymph I find very interesting … “leaving ze house” – small cased caddis larva peeping out of the little housings.

I hope you like them ….