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sea trout flies – VASKEBJØRN

Seatrout flies ..

Red. Red flesh, specifically on trout and salmon, indicates that the fish has been feeding on organisms containing carotin. Same red stuff found in carrots (wonder why rabbits do not have red meat than) never mind.

So there is a myriad of patterns for imitating this type of food. They all seem to work. The variations one finds seem to be mainly based on personal preference … and let´s face it. Once you´ve been standing in the cold sea with the wind & rain in your face for hours without success (we are talking about Denmark here) than one does of course believe – given the angler is able to imagine a take – that this version with feathers harvested by virgins at full moon must be the «thing» itself. The math goes like – at least 6 such flies per angler times the amount of anglers = 1 million patterns multiplied by the years fishing = gazillions

Anyway – all these constructions are based on rather similar principles. A long hackle in open turns for the movement, a trigger or hotspot (mostly red or orange) and eyes.

The pattern today is such a fly. The materials needed are easily obtainable and one does not need much. A grizzly hackle feather of larger proportions, bead chain eyes, a saltwater shrimp hook and seals fur dubbing.

Things are bit different here in Noway of course. We catch fish all the time and getting a seatrout on a fly is dead easy … you just ned a few patterns. One is the so called “Vaskebjørn” (raccoon in english) has it´s name from it´s colors, which resemble a raccoon. No fur of that animal is used in the fly though. I believe name for the fly is also a little wordplay. «vask» means washing and the fly is known to really «clean out» a water 😉 Bjørn means bear.

Anyway – a really good fly, easy to tie and feel free to make your own version so you have something to believe in when feeling really tiny while chucking that even smaller fly towards that big horizon. Believing is catching, you know?

Otherwise just “abide” 🙂

Red. Red flesh, specifically on trout and salmon, indicates that the fish has been feeding on organisms containing carotin. Same red stuff found in carrots (wonder why rabbits do not have red meat than) never mind.

Sexyloops Fly Tying School – sea trout flies – VASKEBJØRN

There is many more videos on this fly on the “net” – speciflicly the ones fom Eivind Berulfsen are very detailed.

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chain eyes

Hey honey, what are you in bathroom so long for. — Oh, erm … no nothing. — But what´s that noise? Is all alright — (the man comes out of the bathroom with a pair of pliers in his hands and a guilty look on his face) — what did you need the pliers for ?? — Oh, I just fixed something. —- OK, I got you – you stole the chain for sink lock again. Give it back ….

….. such and similar scenarios happened in many flyfishers homes back in the day. Now the tackle industry has saved us fly-tiers (and future generations of tiers) from such embarrassing moments. However, I still fancy chains found in hotels.

Always carry pliers or better a Multi Tool like a LeatherMan 300. I have lost mine in one of these completely useless and stupid security checks at the airport … what is all this 100ml nonsense about for example? Utter BS if you ask me. And what could you do with a pair of pliers or a pocket knife? Pauls socks are allowed in the cabin … they are more dangerous. Believe me. Anyway, I go along with French Airlines banning swedish canned herring known as surströmming from airplanes. That´s a bomb this stuff. However, it doesn´t taste as bad as it smells … herring … right — sorry – back to the actual topic. Fishing.

So in previous article we covered the topic of legs. Now something similar – eyes. There´s many who believe eyes are important on streamers and such. The easiest way is to use the above mentioned «chain eyes»

I like them because one can balance the fly with them, meaning they «turn» the fly in the water the way you have intended it to. Hook up or down for example. Very easy to use and not expensive (heck even free should you dare to take them from that hotel bathroom).

How to attach the eyes is very simple too, and even easier if you do not cut the the chain before them «eyes» are secured with thread wraps.

Next week we´ll do a fly with them .. I promise. And how about discussing «eyes» on streamers on the board? I´d like to hear all the pro´s and cons.