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t.z. | Friday, 15 September 2017

And again – the simplicity “thing”.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Leonardo da Vinci

It is. No kidding. But it takes rather much to find that or these few elements which do the job. The quote implies that the chosen simple solution is more than just an activity, it has to solve a problem. “Do the job”, if you so will and prefer a simpler, more direct language.

Sorry for the repetition – I thought it was the easiest way of getting my point across, even though I repeat myself. But though – who doesn’t?

So let´s talk a litt about the fly I would like to fish more. Like??? — say what? Can´t you just do what you want? – well, I often “preach” the simplicity concept but when by the water I become nervous. What if that thing is actually too simple? Honesty, it feels odd to use a fly which just took 5 minutes max to make. Anyway … here is what happened ….

This late summer I had to trial use almost all of my dries during an evening hatch. I tied them on all – mostly pretty complex flies, like Klinks and the like. Nothing.

Finally I managed to remind myself of what I´m preaching. Use the simple things. I tied the Li-fly on and whammm … It was a huge trout. So big and powerful, I could not get to my hand. The last what I i saw of him was a big salto mortale including a rotation lengthwise. Quite a display in the in the late summers midnight air. F*ck, I screamed rather loud. I´m afraid I woke up most of the village on the other side of the lake with my cursing. Anyway – I granted this artistic display with a very professional LDR (Long Distance Release) Paul has taught me.

… and of course it was the last Li-fly in the box …. typical.

Li-flua (flue = fly) because it is tied with Jurassic hare´s hair and seals fur. The hare is from North Norway, a place the local refer to as Li or Lierne. It´s a take on Gunnar Bingens “dyret“. or shipmans buzzer or or or … I just gave it another name to make things more complicated. 😉

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leaving ze house – sexyloops weekly blog

or Canon & GoPro

I finally jumped over my own shadow – and wallet – and invested a substantial amount in photo-gear.  So far I worked with a minimalist setup … big word – I used a small camera or later my iPhone for pretty much everything I did. I would say I got pretty far.

I had inspiration moment when I watched my daughter develop her photographic skills. That did build up my confidence that I would be able to make sense of more advanced gear myself.

So I got myself a Canon EOS 700D, several lenses including a 100mm macro lense. Plus two Go-Pro Heros (a 4 and a 5).  The plan is to produce a fly tying video tutorial which works together with the articles of the flytyingschool . I also gained some basic knowledge to edit film with Adobe Premiere.  Anyway – there are a few things to look forward to in the beginning of 2017. I will try to be quick enough to have the movie ready in march so it can be launched at the Danish Fly Festival.

It is winter and it is dark … which has it´s very own charm. I am tying flies at night …. and work on the above mentioned — here´s a small nymph I find very interesting … “leaving ze house” – small cased caddis larva peeping out of the little housings.

I hope you like them ….